5 Ethical Fashion Finds Under $100

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One of the most common obstacles I hear about buying ethical fashion is that the price tag is too hefty for many budgets.

It’s easy for bloggers to ‘lose touch’ about how expensive clothes are when we often have bigger-than-normal budgets for clothing and are often gifted items through brand collaborations. The problem with that in the ethical fashion blogging space is that we (I) start presenting ethical fashion as something that may not always seem attainable for everyone.

While I do love following (often higher-priced) independent designers with a passion, I do believe ethical fashion is accessible to many budgets. There are many roads to an ethical closet, including loving and wearing what you already own, and shopping secondhand. But there are times you might be on the hunt for something new, or specific. I share a lot of Everlane on the blog; they’re known for their sleek designs and accessible prices. It’s no secret they’re a favorite of mine (you can see my picks here). But today I wanted to share some items from other brands that I’m loving too.

1 // Mylene V-Neck in Spice, Amour Vert, Made in the USA. $68 – Beautiful and drapey in the most gorgeous color.

2 // Rose Sandal, ABLE, responsibly made in Brazil. $98 – Slip on shoes in the summer are my favorite thing. These would look super cute with faded jeans, any sort of white dress and, of course, cut-offs.

3 // The Clara Blouse in Peach Bloom, Suunday, Made in LA. $86 – I have had this top in my cart more than once. I am a sucker for gauzy fabric and this color.

4 // Sorrento Earrings, ABLE, Made in Nashville, TN, USA. $48 – I’m a sucker for a simple statement earring. I love the color these would add to an outfit, especially my favorite staple, a white t-shirt.

5 // Francoise Stretch Jersey Top, Amour Vert, Made in the USA. $78 – Love this top so much. I plan to buy it when my thrifted version wears out.

This list barely begins to scratch the surface of what’s out there. This compilation is inspired by colors, tones and shapes that I love. For further shopping see my Where to Shop page. Or check out my friend Leah’s.


Andrea was a panelist at the 2018 Sustainable Fashion Forum. This article was first published on her blog Seasons + Salt. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you see something you like and decide to make a purchase, Seasons + Salt will make a small commission at no extra charge to you.

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