Everlane ReNew’s the Conscious Consumer

Source: Everlane

Source: Everlane

Plastic is a big problem. The ugly truth: there are 8 billion tons of plastic on the planet. And once it’s made — it stays on the planet forever. After it was reported that our planet has 12 years until we’ll experience catastrophic climate change — I think many of us are searching for a way to combat the issue.

Earlier this month Everlane made headlines when they announced their plans to eliminate all virgin plastic from their supply chain by the year 2021 and later this month, the launch of their first ReNew collection made from 3 million discarded water bottles. In the heart of SOHO in New York City, Everlane launched their collection with an incredible interactive installation — and we were invited!

Everlanes's first ReNew collection consists of men's and women's puffer coats, fleece sweaters, and parkas prices ranging from $55 to $175. According to a release from the brand, the ReNew collection will later launch additional products and within 5 years, 100 million plastic bottles will be recycled through the initiative.

So how does it work?

Plastic waste can be transformed into fibers in 4 easy steps. The process begins by sorting and washing the bottles. From there they are shredded into 1 cm flakes and melted down into molten plastic. The molten plastic is then pressed in long strands that are diced into crystals then reheated and finally spun into yarn or woven. Anywhere between 15-60 water bottles go into the construction of each garment and in true Everlane fashion, each piece contains a bottle count which creates transparency to how much each garment is actually disrupting the industry.


One cool part about the installation was an interactive component that allowed visitors to access their plastic footprint. It was a real eye opener to analyze the breakdown of our plastic consumption while receiving feasible and inspiring ways to make change— allowing us as consumers to understand the value of our dollar and how easily it is to make conscious purchases.

A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t come easy, nor does it happen overnight. What can you do today as an individual to make a difference? Baby steps— carry a reusable water bottle and bring your own bags to the grocery story. Shop sustainably where you can and know your power as a consumer.

What do you think of Everlane’s ReNew collection and their vow to sustainability? Join the conversation and comment below!