Everything You Missed from Our First-Ever Sweat Green Summit


This weekend, in partnership with Portland Wellness Week, we hosted our first-ever Sweat Green Summit, a one-day summit exploring a new era in ethical performance wear, fashion, and wellness. From the leading brands that are proving you don’t have to sacrifice performance, fit or style to be eco-conscious to how our educators are preparing the next generation of designers — we chatted all things style, sustainability, and wellness.

Missed the summit? No worries, keep reading for everything you missed from the Sweat Green Summit plus some of our favorite takeaways and mic-drop moments.


First things first, we kicked off the summit with an exclusive sweat drippin’, beat bumpin’ 60-minute yoga experience with Y7 x Nike. In the super fun, music-driven practice, we flowed to tracks from Cardi B, Beyonce, Kanye West, and more in the Y7 WeFlowHard® vinyasa format.

Following yoga, we paused to fuel up on tasty, insta-worthy bites and kombucha from our friends at Brew Dr Kombucha. Throughout the event, guests enjoyed complimentary cupping, massage and stretching from our friends at Cupping Studio in partnership with Portland Wellness Week.

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During our fist panel, A New Era in Ethical Activewear we chatted with Joelle Bond (Athleta), Kara Solomonides (Adidas), Jeff Haack (Prana), Sue Williamson (Girlfriend Collective), Mary Bemis (Reprise Activewear) and Bimma Williams (Claima) about the work they’re doing in the industry and how they’re proving you don’t have to sacrifice performance, fit or style to be eco-conscious.

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Following the first panel we chatted with Angela Medlin, Founder of FAAS (Functional Apparel & Accessories Studio) and Kelsi Smith about how educators are preparing the next wave of designers and training them to make sustainability a priority from the beginning.


In our last conversation of the day we chatted with Candace Molatore, Jade Kendle, Ellie Hughes and Paola LaMorticella about what it takes to build a brand in the sustainability and wellness space and how we can partner with unexpected allies to reach a different audience and further the message of sustainability.


Mic-Drop Moments

“What’s the point of being a sustainable company if you’re tossing things into the landfills or burning clothes.” 

“Any brand that wants to make sustainability a part of their business model has to understand that there’s some give and take. It’s one thing to want to hit double-digit revenue and increase growth every year, but you have to be realistic about sustainability and that it’s a long term game. You have to be willing to have some give and take about how quickly you’re growing.”

“You can’t just grade up when you’re extending your sizing. You have to really do a lot of research and whenever you’re doing all of that you have to include the people who are buying it.”

“If we want products to be recycled, we need to design them that way. Start at the design process because you can make the most beautiful wonderful, more sustainable products but at the end of the day if it's not recyclable — it’ll just end up in a landfill.”

“There are all kinds of little ways to kind, creative solutions to waste. Sometimes they take a little longer, but the true cost is there.”

“The cost of materials may go down, but we really need to get used to paying for labor. Workers have been making minuscule wages, in really bad conditions for far too long and we’ve all just been accepting it.”

“My hope is that sustainability will become table-stakes that is a non-negotiable requirement for an apparel brand — so at some point in time we can stop talking about sustainability and it just is integrated into our process and materials and doing the right thing is just expected.”