Event Recap: How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Fostering community, authentic storytelling and conscious consumption/production were just a few of the larger takeaways from our panel discussion on How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business held last Friday evening. The panel, which consisted of designers Andrea Moore Beaulieu Founder of Moore Custom Goods, Cassie Morgan Co-Founder of Altar, Marisa Howard Founder of Seaworthy, Jason Calderon Founder of West Daily and moderated by Sarah Donofrio Founder of One Imaginary Girl, shared advice on building a successful fashion business and making eco-concious decsions apart of the business ethos. The result: honest and passionate advice/tips to help emerging designers and aspiring entrepreneurs start and build their fashion business with a focus on conscious responsibility. 

How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business - sff 3.jpg

We learned a lot from our panelist but don't take our word for it. Here are a few takeaways from our attendees: 

@kaleighnjones "My biggest takeaway from the forum was hearing everyone say to start small, work slowly and intentionally. The biggest hiccup I’ve had is getting so overwhelmed by environmental issues that I become paralyzed—not wanting to produce anything. Accepting that making a fashion product is not helping the planet, but you are consciously taking steps to do it responsibly was a bit of a mental breakthrough. It was great to hear all of the research each one of them goes into."

@swedes_den "One thing I learned and took away from the event was that our customers are on this journey with us and the ones who thoughtfully visit our stores multiple times before actually purchasing are the customers we want. They’re the ones who help continue our story.”

@janetmorales04 "A quote that stood out to me the most was from Marisa of Seaworthy. "We value the product even after you buy it." Buying sustainable fashion/accessories isn't a fast purchase. These businesses take the time to teach their customers how to care fir their items therefore adding lasting value."

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@dezignsby "I learned how to incorporate what you already do, based on your lifestyle, grow slowly, and know those that learn about your vision and believe in your story will become not only customers but also your biggest advocates. 

@pschanel "Something new I learned was that gems/stones can be sustainably grown in a lab - I had NO idea! Now that changes my plans with future wedding ring goals" 

@solunacollective "Our favorite take away was the conversation about how to communicate sustainable fashion to the public. This is something that we definitely struggle with!"

Pictured (left to right) Cassie Morgan of  Altar , Marisa Howard of  Seaworthy , Sarah Donofrio of  One Imaginary Girl , Andrea Moore Beaulieu of  Moore Custom Goods  and Jason Calderon of  West Daily .  Photography by  Candace Molatore

Pictured (left to right) Cassie Morgan of Altar, Marisa Howard of Seaworthy, Sarah Donofrio of One Imaginary Girl, Andrea Moore Beaulieu of Moore Custom Goods and Jason Calderon of West Daily.

Photography by Candace Molatore