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APRIL 24-26TH, 2020

Save the date | we’re back for a 4th year!


A One-of-a-Kind Experience Celebrating Ethical and Sustainable Fashion in Style

Founded on the principals of discovery, education, and community the Sustainable Fashion Forum is a two-day conference in Portland, Oregon that looks to the future by fostering a thought-provoking dialogue about the social and environmental effects fashion has on our world and what we can do individually and collectively to improve them.

From a series of captivating panel discussions and riveting keynote speakers between editors, designers, and thought-leaders, to a live fashion show and  curated marketplace- the Sustainable Fashion Forum is a power-packed conference where an extraordinary community curious minds gather to educate, get inspired and connect with like-minded individuals with the belief that together, we can create change.


Apply to be a vendor at the SFFMarket !


Be a part of the 2020 sustainable fashion forum!

At the Sustainable Fashion Forum we do things differently. Our partnerships and brand collaborations are so much more than sponsored blog posts and social media shout-outs. With a background in PR and marketing, our in-house creative team specializes in creating custom digital campaigns and bespoke in-person experiences for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. Opportunities are available at all budget levels. Click the button below and lets’s chat!

BRB! Catch us in a city near you for the first ever styled sustainable tour!